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    Hello All, is still a new site that I hope grows over the next few years. I am a firm believer of doing things right early on rather than going back and fixing a un-maintainable mess in the future. As such, I have been working on several changes and new features. Here is a list of the features that are now available on for all new members.

    Tapatalk Support -
    Tapatalk is a popular forum browser for mobile devices that offers many features that augment your experience on forums. If you use Tapatalk, you will enjoy features such as:
    • Push Notifications for Private Messages
    • Push Notifications for Responses
    • Ability to browse the site on a native application
    If you choose to use Tapatalk, you simply need to download the application in your application store and log in with your existing username.

    FIDO U2F Support -

    It may be overkill for many however as a security nut, I want to do my best to ensure that is a very secure forum. As such, I have added U2F Hardware Token Support to You will need a U2F Token such as a YubiKey or a Feitian Multi-Pass to take advantage of this. It is strongly advised that you keep backup codes in the event that you loose your key - or register multiple keys.

    Note - Google Chrome currently has the best support for U2F. If you are an Android User, you may use NFC, BLE or USB Keys if you use the Google Chrome Browser for Android and you must have the Google Authenticator Application installed.
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