Terms of Service Update - January 12, 2018

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    The following text has been added to the Terms of Service effective from January 12th, 2018. Feel free to ask any questions below.

    MarketPlace and Gigs
    Technical.chat's marketplace and Gig Section is a benefit to users in good standing. All business conducted in this section is done between users and Technical.chat is not responsible for the outcome of these transactions.

    The following rules apply to all marketplace or gig offers;

    • Users may only post one offer per week per section in the market place threads
    • Offers posted by affiliates must be clearly identified as such. Affiliates may only provide recommendations for companies they have personally done business with.
    • All Web Hosting Company offers must have a website listed in the offer that includes links to the terms of service.

    Technical.chat does reserve the right to remove any member from the marketplace if evidence is provided to show the member is running a scam or is otherwise practicing business in bad faith. Members who buy or sell products or services are responsible for complying with local laws when it comes to tariffs and taxes.

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