The Great Android vs iOS Debate

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by KMyers, Jan 30, 2018.

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    Fight Fight Fight!!!
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    Looks like this one got started twice ? :p

    I have and use both. To be honest, Android is the one that's never picked up, never looked at, never used. Why? Simply put, it is just not reliable
    Part of that , I know, is hardware, but the most frustrating part of Android is the fact that you will never get a fully up to date device , even if you just purchased the thing (as in, brand new, released a month ago).

    Let's start with iOS, shall we?
    When I purchase an iOS device, I know what I'm getting. I know the hardware is good, and has been certified (by Apple) to meet their specs and do what they say it does. I know that I'm getting the latest version of iOS (as long as I purchase an up to date device), and that the device is going to kick ass, and last for years to come.

    When I purchase an iOS device, I have no worries about 'insecurities'. If something is developed and an insecurity shows up, I know that Apple will patch it within a week. I don't have to wait for Google to pass a fix down to a third party vendor, then that third party vendor to decide whether (or not) to fix it.

    When I purchase an iOS device, I don't need to buy any additional memory. I have what's on the phone, and it's all one seamless, integrated structure. If I want 256 gigs, I just buy a 256 gig device (and that's my next upgrade, BTW).

    When I purchase an iOS device, I can rest assured that it will LAST for years to come, should I choose to use it that long. Should I choose to sell it in two years, I know it'll fetch a decent price , because iOS.

    Now, let's talk Google:
    When you purchase an Android device, you do not know what you're getting right offhand, and you certainly don't know whether or not the manufacturer will continue support for the latest version of Android. Nor, for that matter do you know that the device is certified to work with that specific version of Android, because, third party mess.

    When you purchase an Android device, you do have to worry about insecurities, because, again, third party mess. Google may indeed have the insecurity patched up within a week (usually longer), but the manufacturer then has to decide whether or not to do so, leaving your device vulnerable.

    When you purchase an Android device, you do have to worry about memory. Adding a memory card can (in theory) be cheaper, but if you don't have the right Android version, it won't work seamlessly. Additionally, you have to worry about app stores and permissions to use your memory card (W.T.F???)

    When you purchase an Android device, you can't really be assured it'll last. Some do, yes, but most often, not so much. You're lucky if they push that 2 year mark without needing serious upgrades. Even high end devices need that... Value? Yeah, right. Good luck selling your two year Android device, again, even high end.

    While Android devices are slightly more customizable, I'll stick with my iOS device . Stability, security, integration, all win over a slight chance to customize what I need
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    *taps microphone*

    Am I talking to myself in here? Is this thing on???

    To add to this a little bit:
    I'm convinced that one of the reasons Android gets a bum rap is this shitty devices that are put out in it's name. Hell, even "Google certified" doesn't mean shit any more. No, really.

    Case in point:
    I took a chance on this thing . I swear to Christ, I've never seen anything so slow in my life. Google certified, my ass. The second you boot it, you're immediately using up 800+m / a gig of memory, so that doesn't leave you anything to work with. We're not even talking anything fancy, just Nougat, stock launcher, and that's it. Try downloading something from the Play store? Yeaaaaah, no. Try adding a custom launcher, to maybe offset the memory usage? Newp.

    Sent that back, but that's not the first time I've seen this issue. Google really needs to get their stuff together when it comes to certifying devices, cuz, no, this is not something I'd certify.
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    this is going to be fun.

    iOS - Hate there email system granted your incoming email details you put in then they say optional but some email providers require smtp details a well which is pain (I do isp tech support a third of my calls are relating to ios phones)
    Android - Email is easy to setup no hidden smtp feature user friendly.

    iOS - phones break easily.
    Android - Galaxy have gorilla glass I've dropped it so many times no scratch or break

    iOS- I hand it to them for the patches and updates there on top of it
    Android - Waiting for the hacky sack game to end to get your patch.

    sincerely android user :)
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    Jan 10, 2018
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    I don’t know what you mean by breaks too easily? This , from my own experience, not true at all. Case in point :

    I’ve always sold my phones back to gazelle when done with them. Usually that’s two years . Every time they pay higher than they claim to, usually by $50.

    Apple phones are resilient enough to withstand the ‘play’ of 5, 6 year olds for years.

    I’ve been using them myself since, ever. Had exactly one issue with screen breakage .

    As far as mail configs, I’ve never had an issue . Set the server up as imap and you should be good. I’d say it’s just as easy as Android there

    Most iPhone users need help because they don’t understand how to use their device . They just expect it to work . Android users expect to be able to tweak things

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